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Join our journey exploring different cultures through our Cooking program. Immerse yourself in different cuisines and learn about cultures from around the world with our skilled Support Workers.

Step 123 Meals Coaching

This is a fresh cooking option we provide in the comfort of your own home. If you want to learn how to cook or love cooking this is the best program for you. Meal Preparation Supports are allocated from NDIS funds to achieve delicious meals of your choice with only 25% out of pocket expense to you. It is as easy as Step123!

STEP 1 - Participant and Meals Coach would get together and come up with a fortnightly/monthly menu based on participant's diet preferences, culture, and allergies etc.  Meals Coach can also provide options from pre-made menus/recipes.

STEP 2 - Our Meals Coach would plan/organise the recipes and purchase the weekly ingredients each week with you. This would be coordinated with Support Workers of the participant and delivered as needed.

STEP 3 - Support Workers and the Participant would follow the instruction of the recipes provided by our Meals Coach assisting participants to cook their own meals. Participants would be fully supported with supervision and monitored, throughout each step of the instructions, follow recipes, and get involved in the process of cooking as much or as little as they would like to.

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